How to create your perfect gallery wall in your room!

Creating a gallery wall of photo boards inside your home is a great way 
to display your memories, tell your story, and add personality to your space. 
Whether you’re an interior design enthusiast or just looking to add a personal 
touch to your home, this is a great way to refresh your walls and decor.
The Broken Plank makes it easy to hang your photo boards flush to the
wall with no space, because all of our photo boards are key holed and
ready to hang!
How to create a gallery wall with The Broken Plank handcrafted photo boards.Gallery wall of handcrafted Photo Boards by The Broken Plank.



Here are some tips on how to create the perfect gallery wall of photo boards 
inside your home:
1. Plan it out- Before you start nailing holes into your wall, take the time to 
plan out your gallery wall. Use a large piece of paper or a poster board to 
create a template of your wall and the photos that you plan to hang. 
Measure the size of the wall and the size of each item that you plan to hang. 
This will help you visualize the layout and make sure everything fits perfectly.

2.¬†Choose¬†your¬†photo boards¬†‚ÄstYou¬†can¬†choose¬†your favorite photo boards,¬†whether¬†it‚Äôs¬†your¬†family,¬†friends,¬†travels,¬†or¬†art.¬†Make¬†sure¬†to¬†choose
photo boards that are meaningful to you, as this will make your 
gallery wall more personal. You can also mix it up by adding art prints and other items to your wall.

3.¬†Create¬†a¬†collage¬†‚ÄstAfter¬†you¬†have¬†all of your favorite photo boards picked out, its time to gather your tools for the job. Grab a cordless drill, screws and your trusty tape measure and have some fun! Okay maybe not fun, but know that with a little bit of creativity and know how, your wall is going to look amazing!

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