The Story of The Broken Plank

The Broken Plank story hasn't been an easy story, but in the words of my mother and Theodore Roosevelt "Nothing worth having comes easy." Me and my husband started this business in 2017 in our driveway on a hot Texas night. As our teenagers were turning into young men, we realized we needed something to fill that empty nest that was heading towards us like a runaway freight train. I had spent most of my time raising our two boys and managing all of the other daily needs that keep a family and home running properly. I had always had a passion for great photos and a creative side that had been trying to resurface for many years. Suddenly the kids were grown and it was time to put that love and hard work towards something else. That passion combined with my husbands love for wood working is how The Broken Plank Photo Boards & more was born.

Honestly, I had prayed for a job or career that would allow me make people happy and would also enable me to be home and spend more time with the family. I wanted to be apart of something that had purpose and meaning. Well, God answered that prayer loud and clear. We started building small projects and putting my husbands natural talent for wood working to use. Most of the time those projects lasted into the late hours of the night.
As the creativity juices were flowing, I decided the Christmas of  2017 I would make all of our family photo boards for Christmas. I wanted to give them something sentimental that you couldn't buy at the store. After watching at least 150 hours of do it yourself videos, I took on this challenge. After spending a hundred dollars on supplies and many, many hours of tutorial videos, and maybe shed a few tears, our first chemical transfer had taken place. 
It was such a time consuming gift, and I was really hoping my family would love them, but as any homemade gift, they were far from perfect. Of coarse, I didn't realize at the time that each transfer would take days and the mess and the chemicals and the paper would be such a major hassle. Like all DIY videos, they made it seem effortless. They fail to mention how many hours it took to make the video, and how many mistakes they made along the way.  So after spending two weeks making and perfecting these photo boards, I decided to post them on Facebook to show off my hard work. Not bad for a chemical transfer! After all I was working at least 70 hours a week on perfecting this process. I was living to work, not working to live.
They were a hit, and our local friends and family were ordering from us on a regular basis. After months of this, the chemicals were taking a toll on my hands and I had wore my finger prints off to the point of not being able to open my iPhone. That extra time I had asked for, to spend with my family had suddenly disappeared. We were working around the clock to make sure everyone had their orders on time, not to mention my husband also had to go to his regular day job. As the house filled up with photo boards, the family was exhausted.  I knew enough was enough. We had to go big, or go out of business!  So we took a big leap of faith and invested into a massive piece of equipment that is made for printing on wood. No more bloody fingers, or chemical smells through out the house and soggy paper all over the place.  As you can see, they were absolutely gorgeous.


We are still a small town business with very close customer service. We offer so many custom items that customers cant find anywhere else. We are thankful for every order and still love interacting with all of our customers. We still do our small town trade shows to stay involved and in touch with our local community, and we were also blessed to be able to do the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo this year! Its kind of the ultimate trade show in our part of the world. Along the way we have met so many customers and friends, and hoped to meet many more! We are so grateful for every single one of you, we could not have gone on this journey without you.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for us.