Our top 3 Valentine's Day gift ideas! No pressure!!

Valentine's Day is here and the pressure to buy the perfect gift for your significant other is on! But don’t stress out too much - there are plenty of options out there that will show them just how much you care.

The key to finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift is to think about what your partner would like, not what you think they should have. Don’t worry about what other people are buying, or if your gift is the most expensive or opulent - the best gifts are often the simplest ones. At The Broken Plank we specialize in affordable handcrafted, personalized gifts printed on wood. 

A handcrafted gift shows your significant other that you’ve put time and effort into choosing your gift, no matter what the cost. You can’t go wrong with a choosing a sentimental, personalized gift.

Here is our top 3 gift ideas from The Broken Plank!

1. For those of you who have already tied the knot, we have the perfect gift! Your marriage certificate printed on wood! The Broken Plank is "Home of the Marriage Certificate on wood" so know this gift will be a hit!  If you know your partner’s favorite flower, you can even add a personal touch with a adding a floral design, or even any custom design of your choice. Also, for those of you who have had your certificate folded up in the closet, or have stains and tares on your document, no worries we also offer document restoration! We are a full service gift shop with your gift in mind.

The Broken Plank specializes in printing your marriage certificate on wood.

2. The "Book of Love" is perfect for those of you who love to make a big statement and prefer something for a table, instead of something hanging on the wall. Our one of a kind Book of Love is handcrafted in our workshop in Texas. The sky is the limit when it comes to options on this beautiful piece! Choose anything you want for either side of your book. The most common choice is your marriage certificate and a photo on the opposite side, but as you can see we have created many custom projects with wedding vows, photos, recipes and so much more!

3. Last but not least we recommend a simple but elegant handcrafted photo board. Our photo boards are perfect for any occasion but really are a nice touch for Valentine's Day. Upload your favorite selfies or professional photos to our website at www.thebrokenplank.com with just one click! For those of you who want to restore or improve the quality of your photos, no problem. Make sure to check the photo restoration box in the options!

No matter what you choose, remember that the most important thing is that your gift comes from the heart. At The Broken Plank all of our gifts are handcrafted and made with love. ❤

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