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At The Broken Plank every single photo board we print, tells a story. Wall collages and photo staging tables can be a great way to tell your story. Finding that perfect space, wall or table to display your photo boards can be a challenge. Let's go over a few tips & ideas that we have learned along the way. Starting with a blank wall or space can be very intimidating and if you are as indecisive at times, like me then you know it can be time consuming as well. Have you ever had a wall that was left blank because you just couldn't make a decision on the what, how and where to hang your photos? No worries friends, first lets put down the drill and tape measurer, we have a few tips that might make this a bit easier. First things first. If you decide to build a wall collage we recommend setting a theme for that space or room. This will help you organize your photo boards from room to room before you drill any holes in the wall.

1.Vacation photo boards look amazing in the main living areas or the main entry of the home. This is a great way to show off all of your amazing vacation memories and maybe make a great conversation starter for visitors.

2. Graduation/school photos- It's truly all about the space. As the kids grown up we wind up with a stock pile of photos. I know there is not enough wall space in my entire home to display all of the photos I took of my boys growing up. My pick for graduation and school photo boards is the defanantly the hall way. The hall is basically the introduction the the kids spaces/rooms. Hanging their photo boards on the hall leading to their rooms not only gives you an opportunity to embarrass them with all of their baby photos when friends are over, but it also reminds them how much they are loved.

3. Our third tip is for your romantic photo boards. Weather they are on the wall or displayed on the dresser finding the right room and space to display them can be a task. The master bedroom is our choice for romantic photo boards. The Book of Love is our most romantic gift and is perfect for the nightstand. It was designed and created with your master bedroom in mind. The Book of Love tells your love story from start to finish but there are so many customizable options with this product. If romance is not your thing, you could even do a recipe on one side and photo of Grandma on the other to set out on the kitchen counter. My favorite thing about the Book of Love is that it does NOT hang on the wall! No holes or screws! Just unpack it from the box, and find your favorite spot in the house to display! Hope these tips help you plan out your next wall collage or perfect display piece.

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