Hinged together like a love story.

Memory Tri-fold on wood

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This beautiful handcrafted piece is perfect for your special loved one, or maybe something for your self. This piece is three beautiful handmade photo boards hinged together, with your choice of photo or document printed on them. At The Broken Plank we specialize in personalized custom gifts. This piece will sit nicely on the mantle or on a table. Handmade from start to finish. Choose your favorite size for your space. Each piece of wood has a unique grain pattern. Please allow and extra 2-3 days processing time for this item.


Upload your document  as a high resolution SCANNED DOCUMENT OR A PDF FILE . PLEASE DO NOT scan from your phone or send a photo of your document. Document needs to be scanned on a FLAT BED high resolution scanner. If you do not have a large scanner at home, no worries you can go to your local office supply and they will scan it for you and put it on a thumb drive. Let us turn one of your most important documents into a beautiful work of art. All photos shown are past customers orders, yours will NOT look exactly as the option you choose because your document is unique in shape, size and design. 

RESTORATION: This option is best for low quality photos or documents with folds and or bends, tares or imperfections. We can straighten and remove the blurry or the unwanted marks from your document and or bring your photo back to life. PLEASE leave special notes in the comments box to instruct us on weather you are wanting your photo restored, or your document restored. 

FLORAL ACCENT: Adding a floral design or accent will bring color to your document and give it a romantic feel. There are many options to choose from. No design will be exactly the same because each customers document varies in shape and size and style. PLEASE leave a note in the comment box of which floral design you would like. 

Three photo boards hinged together